It is a truth still universally unacknowledged that Asians age far better than their Western counterparts. But it’s pretty darn close. I cannot deny the existence of the silvery-gray hairs on my head nor the slight lines on my forehead visible only to me under harsh bathroom lighting. I also cannot wish away the unsightly wrinkling on my legs.  Yet people who meet me for the first time think i am 30 or in my early thirties.   That’s the advantage of being Asian.

I cannot change the year I was born nor my age. But I’ve been blessed with good genes (Thank you mum and dad!) and I can get away with looking younger than my almost 40 self. It is only recently that I’ve actually reaped the benefits of looking younger.  It’s always a compliment now when people say I look younger than I actually am.  Dating wise, I get approached by men younger than me thinking I’m their age and older (than me) men appreciate me being friendly to them thinking I’m much younger than I really am. I once went on a speed dating event with my friend. On one of the speed rounds, I told the guy I was 31 (which I was at that time) and he flat out said I was lying. He said I was a liar and it was impossible that I was 31 years OLD. He even asked me what year I was born to make sure I wasn’t making it up. He was 5 years younger than me I think. Suffice it to say, we weren’t a match.

It hasn’t always been this easy.  When I first started working, it was hard to be taken seriously.  I looked like I was still in university when I was trying to sell financial products to people older than my parents.  And that was me almost ten years into the job.  But as you get older, you become more confident and assured at work.  You still look youngish but you have a firm air about you which is quite interesting and makes people curious.  Score!

Generally speaking, I’m very thankful with being genetically blessed and looking younger than my actual years.  This is one of those glass half full posts.  Yes, my birthday is next month but thank goodness I still don’t look it.


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