“For it is in giving that we receive.”

-St. Francis of Assisi

Here I go again saying life has been good.  Then what?  What have I done about it? Yes I’m thankful. Yes I’m grateful.  Yet there’s this lingering feeling that I should do something about it.  I donate to Church, charities and fundraisers.  That’s well and good but it’s very much like being behind a curtain and it feels very unreal.  It’s different if you actually go to the front-lines and are active about it.

Few weeks back, some friends banded together to form a volunteer group.  We would choose volunteer activities for us and their children to give back to the community and to foster appreciation and gratitude.  Often, we get too caught up in our own world thinking this or that is grave and serious.  Really, it isn’t. Most of the time.  People call it first world problems.  I’m guilty of that on a regular basis.  I’m not proud of it but it is something that I am working on.  I may not be able to totally eliminate that habit/mentality but I would like to minimize it and have more appreciation in my life. And happiness.

This weekend’s activity was all about children.  It was a creative and caring space for underprivileged children.  They provide programs for children to empower them to be creative and productive.   As they say, the children are the future of the world.  It is better to help them while young than to rehabilitate them when older.

The morning activities consisted of  mask making, bookmark making, coloring, science dirt activities, storytelling and games.  You see happiness and thankfulness in the children’s faces.  They were eager to learn and enjoy which is how childhood should be.  There is that sense of being more than what you are.  I always felt that I wanted to still do something and it was probably because I was so selfish and self-absorbed. It was all about ME ME ME.  I did volunteer work before sporadically. It was like a temporary bandage to make me feel better and then go back to the old ways. I want to continue this.

Being there, I was transported back to when I was a child. Back then, I was excited about anything and everything. There was anticipation and gratitude. I would love to get back that joie de vivre. To live each day excited and full of joy. Surprisingly, in doing this small act of giving time and care to others I received back purpose and fulfillment.


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