Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t turn back.

-William J. Clinton

This whole switching to a healthier lifestyle is progressing smoothly but I know I’m very impatient. Everyday, I weigh myself to see if there’s any movement down the scale. And to think I only started a week ago. I want the numbers to go down already. But then it’s only been a week. I seriously would need to starve myself in order to see any significant change that quick. Which I haven’t been doing. I know I should just hide out at home  but I really need to be around people or else I will go nuts.

The good thing is that my endurance has improved significantly. I’m now able to run 5km without stopping but my speed is still not fast enough. Getting there. My friend suggested doing a triathlon and my jaw just dropped at the idea. Even at my sort of crappy physical condition, I finished a half marathon and a 60km bike ride separately. I guess I could do a shortened version of triathlon but that would mean I have to start training for it now. I can swim but swimming on open waters is hard. I was once swimming against the tide and it felt like an exercise in futility.    I need to check on when the next triathlon or Iron Man event is so I can decide whether I want to push through with this lofty ambition. It would indeed be very fulfilling and satisfying if I’m able to do it.

I’ve been running 5km in the mornings and doing spinning classes 2-3x a week. I try to do hand weights for my flubby arms but I still need to work on my inner thighs so that means I have to work with machines. I found this account on Instragram by Kayla Itsines and her Bikini Body Guide. Sounds interesting since it’s only 30 minutes long. Anything longer and my mind wanders. You’re supposed to do it 3x a week and alternate with cardio workout on days you don’t do it. I shall try it next week. Looking forward to having a before and after picture. Not that I will post it on social media or anything. It’s more for personal satisfaction.

I know I just need to keep on doing this. I may stumble from time to time. Nobody’s perfect. And think long term. We are so used to instant gratification that if I don’t see a pound lost the next day, I get so disheartened. I need to keep my eye on the prize, watch what I eat, lessen what I eat and work out everyday. And I know I will get there.


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