Support Groups

Support Groups

Last month, I signed up to this forum called 3 Fat Chicks.  I came across this website when I was massively researching about weight loss tips and tricks.  I’ve started, succeeded and failed at many diets or weight loss regimens my whole life. At many points in my life, I have put fitness and weight loss at varied degrees of importance.  The last time was 12 years ago when I wanted to prove to myself I could.  Back then I was only overweight 20 pounds.  Now, I still have 25 pounds to go before reaching normal weight.

The group has many separate subgroups where you can read what others wrote or you can post yourself.  I’ve introduced myself in the Introductions page, I’ve posted on the Weight Loss Support  page as well as other pages.  Being a part of this group helped me realized that I was not alone in need help with losing weight.  Yes, I know that there is a problem with obesity now. That doesn’t mean that everyone is trying to cut down and drop weight.  Reading about other people’s experiences made me realize that it is hard, and everyone is having a hard time trying to get to their goal weight.  You read about what other people are doing that are helping them on their journey and those that aren’t helpful.  You get to see how long it takes to lose X amount of weight.

Oftentimes, I get easily discouraged when it feels like the number on the scale isn’t dropping.  That’s most likely the time, I give up and start going back to bad eating habits.  What’s the point?  I put in all this work, but the weight isn’t coming off.  On this forum, you read about other people experiencing the same thing.  Other members encourage and give support and you end up doing the same because you can relate to how they feel and what they are going through.

Sometimes, the hardest is being honest with those closest to us.  I couldn’t tell my weight to my friends for the longest time since I was deathly embarrassed that I had allowed myself to go completely.  In the forum, I wasn’t afraid of being judged about my highest weight.  I could freely write how I felt about the whole weight loss process, how I felt, and how I just hate to work out but I just have to push myself.  The group is there for us to share our good days and bad days.

I end up checking the forum every few days to read about new joiners and new topics.  I update other members my weight loss progress and encourage others to power through.   I join challenges, set goals and mini goals, try new recipes to help make the whole journey more interesting. In the same way we seek support from our family and friends for many things,  a weight loss support group will make it easier to achieve our goal of a healthy lifestyle.



Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures

This whole thing about eating less has got me in quite a state.  I love food but I can’t eat much of it. Now. What to do? I look at food pictures.  It’s not as if social media isn’t full of food posts already.  Somehow, I managed to hit pay dirt and clicked on the mother lode of all food porn.  Youtube videos taking about food, about people eating food and this crazy internet thing called mukbang and oogui. When I first heard about it, I thought it was totally crazy and weird.

I was in total shock when I first saw the videos.  How could anyone consume that much food?  I have a healthy appetite but even I can’t finish whatever it is they are trying to eat up.  What do they do afterwards?  Do they throw up what they ate?  I think they’d be able to do that for the last few bites but not if they’d been eating for like half an hour.  How does a small slip of a Japanese woman pack away more bowls of gyudon than two sumo wrestlers combined?  Watch here and be shocked. Seriously unthinkable.

Nonetheless, there’s that perverse sense of satisfaction in watching those videos since I’m avoiding sugar, simple carbs and fatty foods.  Especially so when they eat the super spicy Korean Fire Noodle Mukbang.  It’s like I’m eating vicariously through them which is all I have for now.  Oddly enough, just the thought of eating all that food actually made me lose my appetite. (Good for me I guess.)  It’s like I fill that eating hole emotionally without having to actually eat.  The fact that they’re eating giant-size quantities are enough to discourage me from giving in to cravings.   I’d be in trouble if I watched regular food review videos with regular serving sizes.  Those seemed normal and cravable (if there is such a word).  Already subscribed to the channel of Strictly Dumpling.  I’m totally fangirling.

You can tell that I’ve gotten familiar with watching food videos in youtube in a relatively short amount of time thanks to trying to eat healthy and less. Whenever people ask me what I do when I get cravings, I just tell them about my guilty pleasure activity of watching mukbang or oogui and that fills me up. And if that doesn’t work, I just officially declare it a cheat day and continue with the diet after I finish whatever it is I ended up eating.